Season 1, 2021
  • Triangle

    Best Thriller
    Directed by Alex Watson

  • 7_minutos

    Best Screenplay
    Directed by Christian Schneider

  • The Land

    Best Actor / Best Director
    Directed by Burhan Hatinoğlu

  • Herr Herrmann Mann

    Best Student Film
    Directed by Lars Smekal

  • Muria

    Best Video Art
    Directed by Ismael Aveleira Escapa,
    Marina Diez González

  • Nuovo Cinema Para-Virus

    Best Experemental Film
    Directed by Daniele Pignatelli

  • Dr Rodez

    Best Animation Film
    Directed by Lien Van den Bergh

  • Lovers Remix

    Best Music Video
    Directed by Raul Simao

  • Family

    Best Historical Film
    Directed by Marcelo Landaeta

  • Ring

    Best First Time Director
    Directed by Zhang Haoyu

  • Den Tomme Balkon

    Best Adapted Screenplay
    Directed by Amir Rezazadeh

  • Anagnorisis

    Best Drama
    Directed by Arturo Dueñas Herrero

  • Broken Branches

    Best Film Editing
    Directed by Lisa Maydwell, Artūrs Zeps

  • Katalinka 16

    Best Amateur Film
    Directed by András Attila Farkas

  • Ånde

    Best Pandemic Film
    Directed by Amir Amir

  • Laundro-Matt

    Best Actress
    Directed by Gary Teperman

  • Potato Bug

    Best Romantic Film
    Directed by Frances Gumm

  • Sanction

    Best Horror Film
    Directed by Logan Charron

  • Nuclear Family

    Best Independed Film
    Directed by Barry Hall

  • Waiting For The Sun

    Honorable Mention
    Directed by Süleyman Eskiocak

  • Last Love

    Best Erotic Film
    Directed by Dmitri Frolov

  • ASHTAROTH House of the Unholy

    Best Dark Film
    Directed by D. Scott Stein

  • Birds Of Time And Burnt Times

    Best Silent Film
    Directed by Süleyman Eskiocak

  • Disrupted Landscape

    Best Cinematography
    Directed by Yossi Galanti

  • Dancing Dream

    Best Dance Film
    Directed by Helder Rock

  • Unhappy

    Best Concept
    Directed by Thomas Goersch