Season 2, 2021
  • The Dark Waves Of Styx

    Best Thriller
    Directed by Serhii Kastornykh

  • Absence of loss

    Best Drama
    Directed by Margarita Tokatlidou

  • Shower Thoughts

    Best First Time Director
    Directed by Ben McLaughlin

  • Tatiana

    Best Documentary
    Directed by Marta di Giovanni

  • I’m not a robot

    Best Dystopia
    Directed by Yevhen Myronov

  • Defying Gravity

    Honorable Mention
    Directed by Fiona McAndrew

  • Selftherapy

    Best Director
    Directed by Mohammad Hossein Zalbak, Ben Cyran

  • The debtor

    Best Screenplay
    Directed by Ishchenko Iryna

  • Sky Song

    Best Student Film
    Directed by Joshua Akinwumi

  • Eyes and Buttons

    Best Music Video
    Directed by Bettina Banchini

  • Old man!

    Best black&white film
    Directed by Andrii Trashkalov

  • Togged To The Bricks

    Best Silent Film
    Directed by Samantha Ann Hunt

  • VR The World

    Best Animation Film
    Directed by Pravin J

  • Civil Lies

    Best Actor
    Directed by Ryan Taylor

  • Touch me Softly

    Best Actress
    Directed by Gaia Pulliero

  • The Tale of the Bone Collector

    Best Horror Film
    Directed by Matthew Mark Hunter

  • Quarantine. Year 9.

    Best Pandemic Film
    Directed by Hubert Bąk

  • Paperjam

    Best Sci-Fi Film
    Directed by Margaret Tatyanna Thomas

  • A Dialogue with Pandora

    Best Cinematography
    Directed by Paul Greene

  • Slow Buzz

    Best Experemental Film
    Directed by Andrea Malandra

  • Valerie, Alone

    Best Video Art
    Directed by Michael Senior

  • Alter

    Best Dance Film
    Directed by Marijn van Leeuwen