January, 2022
  • Blunt Edges

    Best Drama
    Directed by Amit Bensangi

  • Mikezinga - Pass the mic

    Best Music Video
    Directed by Lorenzo Clemente

  • Out Of Touch

    Best Animation Film
    Directed by Yuhan (Henry) he

  • Spectrum

    First-time Filmmaker
    Directed by Thiago Rosestolato, Raul Paiva Mello

  • Cortesía de la casa

    Best Actor
    Directed by Telio F. Espinoza

  • Aistear

    Best Actress
    Directed by Shelagh Honan

  • The road

    Honorable Mention
    Directed by Kateryna Tkachenko

  • Al Mujahleen

    Honorable Mention
    Directed by Ramez Rizk

  • Weltschmerzdigest — Flat Earth

    Honorable Mention
    Directed by Whitehand

  • One Shot

    Best Student Film
    Directed by Ewelina Kostka, Christian Morley, Kayleigh Nicole Pepper, Deacon Smith

  • Ersis

    Best Documentary
    Directed by Georgios Dimitropoulos

  • secret lands

    Best Director
    Directed by Pierre Renverseau

  • Blue

    Best Thriller
    Directed by Pedro Morata

  • Zmiena

    Best Horror Film
    Directed by Pierre Renverseau

  • dot

    Best Experemental Film
    Directed by Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Demeshko

  • BiPolaris

    Best Silent Film
    Directed by Guillaume Bouiges, Emmanuel Collet