April, 2022
  • I Loved Her First

    Best Drama
    Directed by Braydon Langford

  • De Jigoku

    Best Director
    Directed by Luciano Pizanno

  • Dreams of a Star

    Best Horror Film
    Directed by Matthew Hunter

  • The Bench

    Best Student Film
    Directed by Turlough Stevens

  • Bilodub - Ptaha Na Jmennja Nachtigall

    Bes Music Video
    Directed by Oleksii Alexi Kyselov

  • Market Gardening In The Last Frontier

    Best Documentary
    Directed by Bjorn D Olson

  • Nimbus

    Best Animation Film
    Directed by Elsa Angvall

  • Spoon

    Best Comedy
    Directed by Arthur Chays

  • Ensnared

    Best experimental
    Directed by Christopher D Jennings

  • Oh To Love Without Possession

    Honorable Mention
    Directed by Lauren Falvo

  • Flowers in Cages

    Honorable Mention
    Directed by Martín V Gil del Real

  • Shabbat!!

    Honorable Mention
    Directed by Telio F. Espinoza

  • Transcend Starring: Alyssa Glitters

    Best Dance film
    Directed by James Matthew Storm

  • Experience the World - The Train

    Best Sci-fi film
    Directed by Duro Howard Jr.